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We recommend that all students NEW to Peddie Swim School and those who have taken a break from lessons for more than 1 session come to a FREE EVALUATION to determine the correct level for your student. If you missed the evaluation, please read the class descriptions below to determine the appropriate level. If your child is between two levels, go with the lower level. If we must move your child down a level once the session has begun, it may be a different day and/or time, and there is a $25 change fee applies.

Parent/Tot  (6 - 42 months) - 30 minutes, 12 pairs/class

This class provides the opportunity for your child, ages 6 to 42 months, to still be in the hands of a trusted parent while working on independent movements in the water. They will also work on blowing bubbles, scooping and kicking. Safety skills, games, songs and other activities will be taught as well. This class is designed to help the child transition into a more formalized class structure like our Tiny Splasher group.  An adult must accompany the child in the pool and all children are required to wear swim diapers unless they are completely toilet trained. Floatation belts will be used to promote further independence.   

Tiny Splasher (3 & 4 year olds ) - 30 minutes, 4 students/class (No goggles allowed.)

This class is for 3-4 year old children who are toilet trained and are able to be separated from their parents for 30 minutes without fear or hesitation. Children who are fearful may need to be moved to Parent/Tot.

Children start moving independently through the water without parental support. Students will develop a sense of confidence, independence and be introduced to water safety skills while having fun. Advancement will be based on individual readiness. Floatation belts will be used.

The following skills will be developed in Tiny Splashers:

  • Safely entering/exiting the pool
  • Putting the face in the water and blowing bubbles
  • Jumping in and climbing out of the water with or without instructor assistance.
  • Kicks on front with instructor assistance
  • Kicks on back with instructor assistance
  • Instructor supported back float with ears in the water
  • Introduction to reaching with arms
  • Water safety skills will be discussed


See the Instructional Videos Library for stroke mechanics.

All students with long hair MUST wear a cap.  PEDDIE SWIM SCHOOL caps are available for purchase in the Aquatics Office for $5 each.

Level 1 (4 -12 year olds) - 30 minutes, 5 students/class (No goggles allowe d) 

This class is designed for children ages 4 & older who are either completely new to swimming, or who cannot demonstrate all the skills listed below.  Swimmers will learn correct body position and how to breathe efficiently. Children must be able to pay attention for 30 minutes at a time. Water safety skills will be taught. 

Successful completion of Level 1 requires:

  • Safely entering & exiting the pool
  • Bobbing under water with correct breathing
  • Straight leg flutter kick on front & back
  • Rolling over from front to back and back to front
  • Front & back push offs from the wall into streamline
  • Front & back float without instructor support (10 sec.)
  • Front arm pull with straight arm reaching
  • Water safety skills will be taught

Level 2 (4-14 year olds) - 30 minutes, 5 students/class, Pre-requisite: Level 1 skills (Goggles recommended)

By Level 2, the emphasis is on continued development of confidence and feel of the water.  Students will remain in this level until they are swimming both freestyle and backstroke independently with good form for 25 yards.

Successful completion of Level 2 requires:

  • Front & back streamline push-offs from the wall
  • Treading water for 15 seconds
  • Independent freestyle for 25 yards using a front streamline push-off, reaching arms, rotary breathing and straight leg flutter kick
  • Independent backstroke for 25 yards using a back streamline push-off, keeping head back with straight leg kicking.
  • Underwater swimming to retrieve an object in 4-5 feet of water.
  • Level appropriate water safety skills

Level 3 (5-14 year olds) - 30 minutes, 6 students/class, Pre-requisite: Level 2 skills (Goggles required. No swim shirts.)

In Level 3, children will continue to build on their endurance in freestyle and backstroke.  They also will be introduced to the mechanics of breaststroke and diving skills.

Successful completion of Level 3 requires:

  • 25 yards freestyle with proper body position, strong kick and proper side breathing
  • 25 yards backstroke with proper body position and strong kick
  • Treading water for 30 seconds
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Breaststroke basics
  • Kneeling dive into the pool
  • Water safety skills including survival float and back float in deep water

Level 4 (6-16 year olds) - 45 minutes, 8 students/class, Pre-requisite: Level 3 skills (Goggles required. No swim shirts.)

Level 4 builds on the freestyle and backstroke skills learned in Level 3.  Swimmers will increase their endurance and begin to learn breaststroke and butterfly.

Successful completion of Level 4 requires: 

  • 50 yards freestyle with proper body position, breathing, and kick
  • 50 yards backstroke with proper body position and kick
  • 25 yards breaststroke with proper whip kick
  • 25 yards butterfly with proper body position and kick
  • 25 yards elementary backstroke
  • 15 yards underwater swimming
  • 100 yards Individual Medley (25 fly, 25 back, 25 breast, 25 free)
  • Dolphin kick on front with arms at sides
  • 60 seconds of treading water
  • Freestyle & backstroke open turns
  • Standing/kneeling dives
  • Water safety skills

NEW "BFF" class (Breast/Fly/Flipturns)  - 30 minutes, 8 students/class, Pre-requisite: Must already be in Level 4 or 5. (Goggles required. No swim shirts.)

This class will focus on the  techniques needed for these two stroke skill requirements and flip turns. This class is for Level 4 and Level 5 students ONLY.  The class will focus on breaststroke, butterfly & flip turns and nothing else. You must be a Level 4 or Level 5 student already to register for the class.  Please, do not register for this class if your child has not yet taken a Level 4 or Level 5 class. There are no evaluations for this class.

Level 5 (6-16 year olds) - 1 hour, 10 students/class, Pre-requisite: Consistent demonstration of Level 4 skills (Goggles required. No swim shirts.)

Level 5 is a 1 hour class. This level includes the successful coordination of the breaststroke, butterfly, and mastery of flip-turns.  Many swimmers will repeat this level to learn proper technique.  Level 5 continues to build on endurance, diving and turns.

Successful completion of Level 5 requires:

  • 50 yards freestyle with flip-turn
  • 50 yards backstroke with steady kick and streamlined underwater kick
  • 50 yards breaststroke with proper head position and timing
  • 50 yards butterfly with proper timing and breath pattern
  • Open backstroke & breaststroke turns
  • 2 minutes treading water
  • Water safety skills including stride entry (lifesaving jump)

Level 6 (8-16 year olds) - 1 hour, 12 students/class, Pre-requisite: Consistent demonstration of Level 5 skills and recommendation of instructor (Goggles required. No swim shirts.)

Level 6 is one hour in length.  Swimmers should demonstrate the proper mechanics for each of the four competitive strokes.  A large focus of this group will be to build endurance and strength.

Successful completion of Level 6 requires:

  • 100 yards freestyle (proper catch position, pull pattern, rotation and flip-turns)
  • 100 yards backstroke (proper start, pull pattern and rotation)
  • 50 yards breaststroke (proper turns and underwater pull-outs)
  • 50 yards butterfly (proper timing, breath patterns)
  • Backstroke flip-turn
  • Butterfly open turn
  • 200 yards Individual Medley (50 fly, 50 back, 50 breast, 50 free)
  • 3 minutes treading water (1 minute w/ hand above the water)

Blue Sharks (9-16 years old), 1 hour/week, Pre-requisite: Completion of all Level 6 skills or an evaluation (Goggles & caps for long hair are required. No swim shirts.)

This level offers 1 hour training sessions that may serve as preparation for swim team try-outs or a warm-up for summer swim team participation.

To move on to our Blue Sharks group, swimmers must be between 9-16 years of age and must attend an evaluation by the Lesson Supervisor, or have attended and completed all the skills in Level 6.  All four competitive strokes must be mastered to be considered.

Adult Level 1 - 18 & older, 30 minutes, 5 adults/class

For adults new to the water, or with fear issues with water, and/or can't float or swim. Swimmers will learn a correct body position, breathing for efficient swimming and focus on comfort level and skills to increase water safety.
Successful completion of Adult Level 1 requires:

  • Put face in water and blow bubbles
  • Fully submerge head
  • Straight leg flutter kick on back
  • Independent front float (hold for 10 sec)
  • Independent back float (hold for 10 sec) Foundations of treading water
  • Kicking 25 yds with kick board or barbell with face in water

Adult Level 2 - 18 & older, 30 minutes, 5 adults/class

For adults who can float on back independently & float independently on stomach with face in the water. Can flutter kick with barbell or kickboard as well as enter deep end of pool.
Swimmers will be introduced to the freestyle, the fundamental stroke in swimming. They will also be introduced to backstroke.
Successful completion of Adult Level 2 requires:

  • 25 yds. freestyle with proper body position, kicking and side breathing
  • 25 yds. backstroke with proper body position and kicking
  • 1 minute treading water

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